Sunday, February 24, 2013

V/A - Shiftless Decay New Sounds Of Detroit LP [2009]

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does anyone have anything else by tentacle lizardo?

great comp, great bands, great label... by the way.

A1 Tentacle Lizardo – Haunted Closet        
A2  Human Eye – Fix Me First Universe Nurse        
A3  Frustrations – Psychedelic Motorcrash        
A4  Terrible Twos – Negative Drip        
A5  Heroes & Villians – SDWC        
A6  Johnny Ill Band – Ella Says        
B1  Tyvek – Flashing Lights (2004 Demo)        
B2  Mahonies, The – Paint The Town Brown        
B3  Fontana – Gotta Split        
B4  Little Claw – Feed You Your New Home        
B5  THTX – Monorails To Nowhere        
B6  Odd Clouds – Gum Coup Follicle

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