Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Juan Wauters - Sanity 7in [2013]

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los beets on fb

so i was pretty jacked to see this one for sale & i'm hoping this means more beets/juan is on the way.
juan wauters is the front man/songwriter from the beets.

Amazing One Man Band & his Trashy Orchestra - Hell Blues 7in [2009]

no idea where this came from or where to get it...all i can dig up is this
edit: his fb page...thx coco

Ugly Motors - S/T CS [2013]

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ugly motors on fb

Monday, February 25, 2013

D. Watusi - Dark Party LP [2012]

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RIP ben todd - d watusi bassist/nashville's dead founder/music lover - sad sad sad

white fence's tim presley had posted this to their fb page

R . I . P. BEN TODD.....
Sometimes when you roll into a new city or town on tour, and you don't know anyone, i tend to have my guard up. a chip on my shoulder. Last year when we pulled into Nashville, we were greeted with nothing but warmth, genuine enthusiasm, and positivity. The one who stuck out amongst many was Ben. The type of player in a scene where you think: maybe i could live in Nashville, They all got a really cool thing going here. Every city and every town needs someone like Ben. Someone who loves music and art so much, they put on shows, write about music they like, and make sure an out-of-town band felt good. To me that night, he was the ambassador of Nashville. My heart goes out to BEN & NASHVILLE. i'll see you on the other side dude. L O V E, Tim Presley

GEESE - Forever 7in [2010]

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free download at bandcamp
more brisbane garage punk...

Random Post #12

more lex creed comics..
lex on fb

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Uh Bones - Only You 7in [2013]

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or buy a physical copy at randy records
uh bones on fb

Flesh Lite - Demo CS [2013]

a fine piece of sludge from this city i love/hate to call home...

V/A - Shiftless Decay New Sounds Of Detroit LP [2009]

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does anyone have anything else by tentacle lizardo?

great comp, great bands, great label... by the way.

A1 Tentacle Lizardo – Haunted Closet        
A2  Human Eye – Fix Me First Universe Nurse        
A3  Frustrations – Psychedelic Motorcrash        
A4  Terrible Twos – Negative Drip        
A5  Heroes & Villians – SDWC        
A6  Johnny Ill Band – Ella Says        
B1  Tyvek – Flashing Lights (2004 Demo)        
B2  Mahonies, The – Paint The Town Brown        
B3  Fontana – Gotta Split        
B4  Little Claw – Feed You Your New Home        
B5  THTX – Monorails To Nowhere        
B6  Odd Clouds – Gum Coup Follicle

Nomos / the Men - Split CS [2010]

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or buy the nomos 12in here...
the men album 'new moon' is out on march 5th - preorder it here...

White Fence - Harness 7in [2011]

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white fence on fb

Video: Ty Segall - Live at Hi Dive in Denver [2013]

An absolutely killer video/audio recording of Ty's show in Denver a couple weeks back.
Thanks to the dude who recorded & posted this.
Be sure to check out his other recordings...Jesus Lizard(!!!!)/Melvins/Sonic Youth/etc...denco83 on youtube
so if you got 43 mins to kill, it's pretty cool.

Lovely Legs - S/T EP [2012]

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lovely legs on fb

Lovely Legs / Cannon - Split CS [2012]

try - lovely legs side a
try - cannon side b
support the artist - lovely legs / name your price at bandcamp
support the artist - cannon / bandcamp
or buy the physical tape here...
lovely legs on fb
cannon on fb

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones - Bearing on the Moor 7in [2012]

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or at midheaven
hbjo on fb

Video: Eamon McGrath - Johnny Brought the Bottles Back [2013]

just a geetar but still punk as fuck.

Video: Growlers - Someday [2013]

so ya, growlers? who? best track on hung at heart

V/A - Floridas Dying Party Platter LP [2010]

support the artist - buy at midheaven

A1     Johnny & The Limelites – C·H·I·C·A·G·O I·L·L·I·N·O·I·S U·S·A       
A2     Nobunny – Hocus Pocus       
A3     Yolks, The – Shim Shang       
A4     Sweet Sixteens – Hoosier Twist       
A5     Sexcapades – The Hucklebuck!!       
A6     Hunx And His Punx – Do The Make Up       
B1     Brians Dirty Business – Wiggle It Around       
B2     Rantouls, The – Cuddle Up       
B3     Personal And The Pizzas – Toss That Pie       
B4     Garbo's Daughter – Nice Girls Don't Explode       
B5     Puddin Pops – Totally!       
B6     Coconut Coolouts – Come On Do The Dolphin       
B7     Slippery Slopes – Shake That Bear 

Hellen Keller - de'mo [2011]

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hellen keller on fb

Pow Wows - Live at WMFU [2012]

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new 7in on get hip records in march
pow wows on fb

Choyce & the Sharks - CDR [2008]

support the artist - buy something from red mass
choyce is of red mass/cpc gangbangs/les sexareenos fame

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blackout Beach - Blues Trip LP [2013]

try then buy x1000
support the artist - buy it here at bandcamp
vinyl release soon on soft abuse

one of my fav artists ever ...carey mercer of frog eyes.
some people despise his voice...
i, however, enjoy every last sputtering, stuttering bit

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lids - S/T LP [2004]

support the artist - released on rip-off records (buy it used here though)
more carbonas related stuff... also featuring the late/great bobby ubangi

V/A - Whirlyball 2 7in [2008]

support the artist - you missed go read chunklet
it's a single with a bunch of bands i've never heard before.
they are probably all shitty, right?

a1 - black lips - hasabe
a2 - baby shakes - what can you do
b1 - gentlemen jesse & his men - connection
b2 - coffin bound - is john really dead?

Video: Growlers - One Millions Lovers [2012]

more growlers. if you got a problem with another growlers post. well....too bad.

Sunday, February 3, 2013