Sunday, September 30, 2012

Three Man Band - S/T CS [2011]

three man band on fb
dirty heavy scuzzy..highly recommended
i'd suggest buying something from them but i have no clue from where.
much thanks to carey from the 3MB for this.
they also sent their new single which i'll post soon.

Gary Wrong - Pollen Christ 7in [2012]

support the artist - buy at total punk

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kitchen's Floor - Bitter Defeat 7in [2012]

support the artist - buy this for $ 5 at bandcamp
or buy the vinyl at easter bilby distro
or buy the vinyl at negativeguestlist
kitchen's floor on fb

METZ - Negative Space 7in [2010]

support the artist - buy at bandcamp - name your price
METZ on fb
new album out on sub-pop in october

METZ - Dry Up 7in [2009]

support the artist - buy at bandcamp - name your price
METZ on fb

METZ - Soft Whiteout 7in [2009]

support the artist - buy at bandcamp - name your price
METZ on fb

Tip: How to Get MP3 Files from Soundcloud

EDIT on 2013-07-29: I believe soundcloud closed this up & this method will not work.

i don't remember where i cut & pasted this from...

fyi - the raw mp3 file is usually only 128kbps though. 


There's a easy way to get the raw mp3 or wave from soundcloud, just follow the instructions below
[This works for firefox, I don't know about other browsers]

1. Go to the soundcloud page with the song you want.

2. Right Click "View Page Source" [Don't do it on the actual waveform, just above or below it]

3. When the source page comes up press (Ctrl-F) and type in the find box [ media.soundcloud ]

4. That will then take you to the stream URL. It looks like this [   ]
Highlight and copy.

5. then paste the copied url in the address bar of your browser and it should let you download the song.

Guantanamo Baywatch - Chest Crawl LP [2012]

support the artist - buy at dirtnap
guantanamo baywatch on fb

Terry Malts - Killing Time LP [2012]

support the artist - buy at slumberland
terry malts on fb
i'm guessing most people have this one already but if you don't...

Three Man Band / Apache Dropout - Split 7in [2011]

support the artist - buy at gloryhole
three man band on fb
apache dropout on fb

quite enjoying the track from the three man band.  anyone got their s/t cassette from last year?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Waylon Thornton - Black Salt LP [2012]

support the artist - name your price

i strongly suggest throwing this guy a few dollars.
he's been putting out killer releases all free for what seems like ever.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who is LeakID? Herve Lemaire?

 Sept 6th Update...well those DMCA takedowns have resulted in MF suspending my account.  bummer....

and I am not alone apparently 

March 2015
some links for educational purposes...

Sept 2013

Sept 5th
Mediafire has deleted ALOT of files by a complaint by this person…who I’m pretty sure does not own rights to all these albums by all these different bands.

At least one was a free bandcamp download...

(Sept 6th Update: I have since contacted that band and they have confirmed that LeakID/Herve Lemaire has does not have any copyrights on any of their material nor does LeakID/Herve Lemaire have any association with the band....oh ya, and they also thanked me for sharing their music)

(Sept 11th Update: another band who had two of their releases flagged and removed, sent me an email confirming that they also have no affiliation with LeakID/Herve Lemaire and asked me to continue to host/share their music.  They also thanked me for sharing their music).

and one was CDR demo never commercially released.

Anyone who needs something uploaded again, please let me know. 

I see drugpunk had a similar thing... 
and zenarcade 

If any band/artist/individual would like the link removed, please just email me.

Dear MediaFire User:
MediaFire has received notification under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") that your usage of a file is allegedly infringing on the file creator's copyright protection. The file named XXXXXXX is identified by the key (wyk0q729rp4p9t1). As a result of this notice, pursuant to Section 512(c)(1)(C) of the DMCA, we have suspended access to the file. 

The reason for suspension was:
BDM user "lachandra" says: Hello, My Name is HervĂ© Lemaire , CEO of LeakID, I am legal representative of lemaire which does business under the name Metropolitan, Authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed. You are hereby given notice valid under the DMCA copyright infringement notification requirements, 17 U.S.C.512. I am the designated agent of the owner of the copyrights of the images and audio/visual works listed below. I believe that the images and audio/visual works listed at the times cited below are being copied and distributed in a manner that has been not authorized by the owner of the copyrights, its agent or the law. All link below containing pirated versions of lemaire copyrighted works. The information in the notice is accurate, under penalty of perjury. Please remove all linksAs soon as possible, we will check them everyday. Thanks to inform us about y our actions. We appreciate your efforts toward this common goal. Very truly yours, HervĂ© Lemaire Leakid 15 bis rue de chateaudun 92250 La garenne colombes France 0033698211000 Contact lemaire La dame en noir -