Monday, February 25, 2013

D. Watusi - Dark Party LP [2012]

support the artist - buy it at nashvilles dead and then buy a second copy for a friend

RIP ben todd - d watusi bassist/nashville's dead founder/music lover - sad sad sad

white fence's tim presley had posted this to their fb page

R . I . P. BEN TODD.....
Sometimes when you roll into a new city or town on tour, and you don't know anyone, i tend to have my guard up. a chip on my shoulder. Last year when we pulled into Nashville, we were greeted with nothing but warmth, genuine enthusiasm, and positivity. The one who stuck out amongst many was Ben. The type of player in a scene where you think: maybe i could live in Nashville, They all got a really cool thing going here. Every city and every town needs someone like Ben. Someone who loves music and art so much, they put on shows, write about music they like, and make sure an out-of-town band felt good. To me that night, he was the ambassador of Nashville. My heart goes out to BEN & NASHVILLE. i'll see you on the other side dude. L O V E, Tim Presley

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