Friday, March 22, 2013

Public Service Announcement: Vacation

I'm leaving the snow to go sit on a beach and drink rum for week.
See ya when I get back. No posts for a week or so.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Living Eyes - Ways to Make a Living 7in [2012]

support the artist - buy it at antifade
new LP released on gethip this month
living eyes on fb

i don't know what's in the water down there but aus' artists continue to release gems

Nerve City - I Fucked Death 10in [2009]

support the artist - buy it here
nerve city on fb 

Mean Jeans - Keystone Light & Other Hits CS [2010]

support the artist - buy something at bandcamp
mean jeans on fb

Bosom Divine - S/T LP [2010]

support the artist - buy at disques steak

a cover of the 'revenge of the nerds' theme song...

Yolks - Introducing the Yolks 7in [2007]

support the artist - buy this at randy records
most of their other releases are a free download on bandcamp, including their 2009 LP
the yolks on fb

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sulphur Lights - Demos [2013]

try - your new favourite band
support the artist - buy the little pills 7in at goner
sulphur lights on fb

EDIT: A band member confirmed that these are a collection of demos of tracks from the band's new LP due later this year.
Still bloody kills….

a more demos from this awesome band.
sulphur lights - colonel saline's forlorn cardiac alliance (128 kbps)
4 track demos

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lindsey Low Hand - Demo [2005]

support the artist - free download at bandcamp
they released a LP called 'poached egg' but i can't find a copy. anyone have it?

Top Surprise - Everything Must Go CS [2010]

support the artist - buy an old 7in or the new single here
free dl at bandcamp

Bowl Cut / Lunatics on Pogosticks - Sexist Texas Split [2013]

support the artist - free download at bandcamp
bowl cut on fb
lunatics on pogosticks on fb

now go get a bowl cut, i dare you.

Video: Sid Vicious - My Way (Cover) [1978]

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marf Loth - Cigarettes In Paintbuckets LP [2009]

so apparently in south africa, this dude is bigger than elvis & he didn't even know it.
oh wait, never mind...that was some other guy.

other marf loth related bands...
camperdown and out on fb
redneck discotheque

Choyce - Won't You Come Back 7in [2008]

try (direct link from goodbye boozy)
support the artist - released on goodbye booze
choyce is of red mass/cpc gangbangs/les sexareenos fame

Monday, March 4, 2013

Cuntz - Aloha 12in [2013]

support the artist - buy it here...vinyl is sold out
homeless records on fb (same label who put out the awesome bits of shit lp)
cuntz on fb

this one's been on repeat since it came out. killer.......

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hygiene - S/T 7in [2012]

support the artist - name your price at bandcamp
or buy the 7in at sorry state

Video: the Clean - Anything Could Happen [1981]

i know i've posted this before but i really don't think that you can hear this song enough.
i'm sure i will post it again.

Maxines - Drug Store 7in [2012]

support the artist - buy at k recs
or buy their white-out ep from here
maxines on fb

Pink & Brown - Shame Fantasy II LP [2003]

support the artist - castle face just released a comp of the pink & brown releases.. so buy it
pink is john dwyer (thee oh sees)

V/A - Sultan Records - A Harem of Hits! LP [1999]

support the artist - long you might be able to get one here...
mark sultan on fb

Random Post # 13

yes, more cartoons by lex creed.
lex creed on fb

Cops - Demo CS [2011]

support the artist - name your price at bandcamp
or buy the premonitions 7in at rob's house

cops are gg king / ryan dinosaur from bukkake boys / gentlemen jesse

Public Service Announcement: Scavenger of Death

the last two posts & the next post are courtesy of the good folks at scavenger of death records.  they've kindly uploaded a bunch of their old out-of-print stuff for 'name your price' at bandcamp. a bunch of great releases so check it out or buy some of the new the particular, the land of nod comp or the new predator tape.
sod on fb