Monday, August 17, 2015

Video (Sort Of): Jaime Y Las Flautas Rosas - I'd Like to Try That [2015]

“Jaime Paul Lamb has been making some semblance of music since 1985 when, at 14 years old, he began playing bass in a band called Aborted Fetus.
Since then, he has been in a million punk, garage & power pop bands and his music has been released on record labels such as Slovenly, Black Gladiator, Paradigms, Wood Shampoo, NHIC, and several others.

The ARCHIVES series are digital-only releases that showcase unreleased and hyper-obscure Garage Rock, Punk, Power Pop and plenty of uncategorizable weirdness from the personal cassette collection of Jaime Paul Lamb. This music was recorded between 1991 and 2005 and reflects JPL’s various bands, recording projects and one-off sessions.“

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