Friday, December 7, 2012

V/A - Sympathic Sounds of Detroit LP [2001]

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A1     Paybacks, The –     Black Girl        
A2     Paybacks, The –     Payback Blues        
A3     Dirtbombs, The –     Dirtbomb Blues        
A4     Dirtbombs, The –     I'm Through With White Girls        
A5     Hentchmen, The –     Accusatory        
A6     Ko And The Knockouts* –     Black And Blue        
A7     Come Ons, The –     Come On Blues        
A8     Come Ons, The –     Sunday Drive        
A9     Soledad Brothers, The –     Soledad Blues        
A10     Soledad Brothers, The –     Shaky Puddin'    
B1     Von Bondies, The –     Sound Of Terror        
B2     Buzzards, The –     High Class        
B3     Detroit Cobras, The –     Shout Bama Lama        
B4     Bantam Rooster –     Banty Rooster Blues        
B5     Bantam Rooster –     Run Rabbit Run        
B6     Clone Defects, The –     Whiskey 'N Women        
B7     Whirlwind Heat –     Decal On My Sticker        
B8     White Stripes, The –     Red Death At 6:14        
B9     Buzzards, The –     Buzzard Blues

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